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Fiber Internet


Uploads as fast as downloads.

Whether you’re broadcasting live, uploading your photos, sharing huge files, or video chatting in HD, our symmetrical upload and download speed gives you all the power you’ll need and then some.

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Advantages of Fiber Optics.

Fiber-optic technology is the future-proof way to get Internet, TV and phone service in a residence or business. And with FiberCast fiber-optic Internet, download & upload  speeds can reach up to 1 Gbps. Fiber-optic communication uses fiber-optic cable networks to provide superior Internet, TV and phone services to those provided by traditional copper-wire networks.

Fiber-optic Internet providers and subscribers alike benefit from the technologically advanced and superior quality of fiber-optic communication systems, like the FiberCast Fiber Network.

Economic Growth & Quality Jobs

Expanded access to high speed Internet generates major economic growth and rapid job creation. High speed connections accelerate business development by providing new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce. Connected communities create wealth and opportunity by attracting businesses that want to locate in areas with a strong broadband presence.

In the new global economy, access to broadband has become as essential to individual and community economic prosperity as electricity and roads. From rural to urban areas and everywhere in between, all people stand to benefit economically from a national high speed Internet network.

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Fiber works well and is very reliable! Great customer service too!

– Brendan Prusik

Fast and reliable Internet, great customer service.

– Justin Falconer

Let’s Get You Connected

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